Kenya- A Journey Into Primordial Rhythms

Kenya- A Journey Into Primordial Rhythms

There is something romantically musical about Africa. The people and nature seem to be in a divine symphony. So, when ROOH, pioneers of wedding entertainment in Dubai were approached to perform at the Diani Beach, leisure lodge resort, Ukunda, our spirits danced to the African beat!

So, we set off from Dubai to Nairobi to Ukunda, in six hours we were welcomed by excellent hospitality by the staff of Leisure Lodge Beach Resort & Golf club owned by Dr. Rasik Kantaria.

The Sangeet function was held outside the Kileleni Conference Center, scheduled on 13th August. We did a soundcheck on the 12th August. Entire ROOH team was excited, on pins and needles all set for the 13th as ROOH was to perform with musicians from Kenya!

ROOH, the award-winning, the best wedding music bands in Dubai was going to perform with musicians from Kenya! The excitement of this jugalbandi and the thought of creating some unique music kept ROOH on tenterhooks.

We became a part of the Bride’s family the moment we touched ground at the resort. The bride, Rakhee Kantaria, and her father Rasik Kantharia welcomed ROOH at the entrance with the traditional garland. Anupam Nair, the lead singer said, “ For once had the clients touched our  ROOH”

In its characteristic style, which sets them apart from the other music bands for weddings in India , ROOH rocked the Sangeet with their unique style of sufi, Western and Bollywood music. It was exciting to see everyone grooving on the dancefloor. Some guests even played the water drums for ROOH. Ajay, the groom created an “awww” moment when he came up center stage and sang along – “ban ja tu meri rani”.

The next day was dedicated to a truly musical evening. Anupam Nair, the lead singer of ROOH performed in a sufi setting, singing melodious songs to the beat of Nitin and Pritam, the musicians from Kenyan. ROOH one of the best bands in Dubai, dedicated this evening to Mrs and Mr Kantaria the parents of the bride.

This was indeed a memorable event, where ROOH was challenged and they blended in with the Kenyan musicians as a perfect complement to the lavish and exclusive wedding settings!

ROOH believes that despite geographic, cultural, and political boundaries, every note that is played from your heart touches the ROOH of the audience.

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